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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

4 Generations of Beauty - {Scottsdale, AZ Family Photographer}

Since leaving Colorado I have reminisced about all of the friendships left behind.  I am so grateful for the amazing new ones that have entered my life but it just makes my heart smile when I can reconnect with some of those lovely faces from the Rocky Mountain State.

This lovely Mom is one of my amazing MOPS friends and she is simply gorgeous both inside and out.  We have so much connection especially because she has 2 little girls!  This family has the kindest heart and is just full of beautiful women.

The entire family was together over the Valentines Day weekend and I cannot tell you how blessed I was to be chosen as the memory capturer for it.  

4 Generations of gorgeous ladies.  Such a special picture.

Kristin and Kyle, you are a special couple and your family is absolutely stunning.  Thank you for reconnecting with me and thank you for allowing me the chance to take these photos.  So many blessings!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Birthday! - {Phoenix, AZ Event Photographer}

How incredibly beautiful is this woman?  Would you believe that she is 85?  I didn't either........she is the epitome of class and beauty.  I was beyond blessed to get to capture this special day in her life.

.......and look at these amazing people who celebrated her.  She is truly a woman who is a legacy.

I found myself smiling so big watching the interactions of all the family and friends gathered to celebrate her.  There was so much joy and so much history all brought together in one room.

I think you really know the measure of a woman (or a man) by the words of his/her children.  I was moved to hear this lovely woman's children speak so highly of her.  

Grandma Lynn is Gloria's niece so I got to take some extra pictures of her and her daughter.  We don't get to see Aunt Nikki and it was perfectly wonderful to reconnect a bit with her.

These two are fun........

I am grateful for Miss Gloria.  She is living a beautiful life.  I just pray I can do the same.  Happiest of Birthdays to you!

The Day after Christmas- The Walker Family {Family Photographer Tempe AZ}

I love it when families come together over the holidays.  It is so special.  I really love it when I am asked to photograph it.

These boys are fun.  You can tell they are active and just all boys.  I love that their parents are triathletes.  Makes perfect sense.

A daughter and her Daddy.  Two very special people.  We found a really cool old car and I couldn't help but photograph it.

I am so blessed to know this family.  I have photographed them many times and love every minute of it.

Thank you for letting me capture your visit and being a small part of how you celebrate the holidays.