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Monday, December 11, 2017

A Touch of Red- {AZ Family Photographer}

I love how this family dressed for their pictures.  Blue always is perfect for pictures and when Miss C showed up with bright red boots and a big red bow, I was in love with it.  What a perfect touch.

These 4 are awesome and such a fun bunch of kids.  We had a blast walking through Downtown Gilbert.

Thanks guys for letting me capture your smiles this year!

A Half Dozen Roses- {AZ Family Photographer}

This family is wonderful.  I really look forward to seeing them every year and this year was so much fun!

All 4 of these kids are special.  They each have their own personality and when it is picture day I can see their unique selves during our session.  They love each other a lot too which is such a wonderful thing to see.

I am so grateful for the amazing families that I get to play with and for the fun stuff I can always get the kids to do!

Rose family thank you for your time and for once again trusting me with your smiles!

Remember us Now- {AZ Family Photographer}

Family is a beautiful thing.  Growing families are even more special.  This beautiful and amazing woman is not only a dear friend and a fellow IRONMAN, but we are technically related (We still haven't figured out exactly what we are, but I think there is a once removed by marriage in there....).  She is beautiful and her family is so special.

This little beauty is all fire and smiles.  She is breathtakingly beautiful and bold and all things her hair and bright blue eyes might suggest.  I had a BLAST chasing her around.  Like I tell worried Moms,  I ALWAYS catch them.  It might take me some cardio acrobatics, but it happens, every time.  Gosh I love this little girl.

Cass and Kyle, I love you guys and miss seeing you guys more often!  Here's to your beautiful family!  May 2018 be perfectly yours.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Desert Sunset- {AZ Family Photographer}

I know I say it often, but this time of year out here is spectacular!  The sunsets are amazing and the desert is beautiful.  

This family is amazing and when I think of this family all I can say is one word.  Breathtaking beauty.  This Man is blessed beyond measure at the beauty that is in his life.

I truly enjoyed every moment with them and absolutely love how their pictures turned out.

Thank you E family for once again letting me capture your beautiful smiles.  There is so much love between the 4 of you and I loved every second with you guys!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thankful- {AZ Family Photographer}

Arizona this time of year is amazing!  Its spectacular and beautiful and the perfect setting for amazing photos.  I am so thankful that this party of 4 let me take their pictures this year.

This young woman is beautiful.  Breathtakingly beautiful and so spunky and bold. The life is open and bright for her and I am so happy to be a part of her life.

If first met this kid when he was barely to my knees.  No he has officially surpassed me in height and I am astounded at how well he has grown up.  He is unbelievably talented with a very kind heart.

I am very grateful for this family.  They are special and such an important part of our lives.