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Saturday, June 23, 2018

For I Am Yours- {AZ Wedding Photographer in Denver, CO}

Young beautiful there anything more hopeful?  I simply cannot iterate enough how much I enjoy and love any moment spent photographing a wedding.  There is just something about it, and Jeremiah's and Carissa's day was no different. 

On a May Day in  Colorado it is not uncommon to have some weather, but it rained pretty much all day.  Thankfully, the rain was more of a constant drizzle and not an all out downpour.  We were able to capture so many amazing images under the cover of overcast skies and this spectacular little gazebo.  The chill in the air from the rain only made everyone snuggle just a little bit more.  It was perfect.



These beautiful souls are truly close to my heart.  Like Bob and I, they had saved their first kiss for their wedding day, and it was so very much fun to be a part of that special first time.  Married life looks good on them and I am so very honored that I was chosen to help them capture this start of something new!

And here's to all that kissing you are gonna do!

Littlest, Big, Biggest - {AZ Family Photographer in Denver, CO}

I am always so excited when Jenni calls me to come and visit them while I am in town.  I just adore this family, and love that I have gotten to photograph them as they have grown and grown.  Just a couple of months ago I was taking their pictures with the littlest brother in Mom's tummy......I go away for one month and BAM...... he's here!

I won't lie, getting all three of these boys in one shot where everyone was happy and not fighting or crying was a chore.....and its only gonna get more fun as they get older!

Little boy, sleep hard, rest up, and dream big.  You may be the littlest, but I don't think you are going to get left behind!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beauty on the Inside- {AZ Family and Real Estate Photographer}

Beauty happens everywhere.  Its all around us, and sometimes its in the very spaces we dwell.  I was invited to photograph this home's interiors by the spectacular design company, In Design.

The home was so spacious and open.  I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with the designers and owners.  

Huge Thank you to these two beautiful women for allowing me to capture their beautiful design space.

Here's to the Dreamers and Doers! - {AZ Family Photographer}

I met this lovely woman when we were standing in line staring at the final numbers board for the Lost Dutchman 8k.  I remember running with her (she's fast) for quite a while and it was such a fun thing to connect as we waited to see our places.  Jen here is training for IRONMAN this year and I couldn't help but feel an instant connection to her.  After you see her family you can see why!

Striking.....that is the word that kept rolling around in my head while I was photographing them.  Their eyes, smiles, hair, and personalities were BEAUTIFUL and amazing.  I am so deeply blessed by the people that come into my life and adore my time spent with each one.

V Family!  I am so glad we met and that you all love racing and being bold as much as I do!  Best wishes for an incredible year of dreaming and DOING!.......and to the amazing support team she has....YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sealed for Eternity- {Phoenix, AZ Wedding Photographer}

It's wedding season out here in AZ and I love it!  I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Mormon Temple in Gilbert for the celebration of this couple's sealing ceremony.  What a wonderful day!

The day was bright and beautiful and the Temple grounds are spectacular.  So many wonderful places to capture some memories.

Kayla and Jeremy were truly two of the most lovable people.  You could tell how much love was between them and that their friendship is what makes them great.

You gotta love a Harry Potter reference!  So much fun and such a delight to photograph!

Congrats you two!