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Monday, September 18, 2017

My Love- {AZ Engagement and Wedding Photographer}

This woman is one of my favorites.  Not only is she one of the most absurdly beautiful women I have ever met, but she LOVES my children and enjoys watching them so that Bob and I can get out every now and then.  She is AMAZING,........and she is getting married.

I think I literally leapt for joy when she chose me as her photographer for this special time in her life.  

The desert is simply gorgeous this time of year and we chose the morning as the time of day to capture these pictures.  I LOVE the morning hours because everything is just waking up.  Its peaceful and beautiful and a great time for pictures.

The love shared between these two is easy to capture.  Life is so exciting and marriage is truly a fun journey to be embarking on.  

Sarah and Cody, THANK YOU for letting me play a role in this season.  You are both amazing people.  Love each other well and kiss each other often.  Can't wait for the I do's!

Colorado Sessions: The M Family {AZ Family Photographer in Denver, CO}

This amazing session finished out my time in Colorado this month and I was so excited for it.  My cousin and his wife live in OK and I haven't seen or hugged them for over a year.  I was thrilled to discover that they had planned a visit during the same time that I was going to be there and made absolutely sure that we set up a picture time.  

The day was perfect and in between pockets of shade and bright sunshine, the Ken Caryl Valley came alive with the coming colors of Fall.  It was beautiful and moving and the perfect setting for their photos.

Miss E is such a little doll and such a beautiful little spirit.  Her favorite color is yellow and she wore her beautiful sunshine dress with beauty and grace.  She is loved by her Mom and Dad and there is no doubt that she returns the sentiment.  

Even amidst the chaos and challenging seasons of life it is always good to stop, be still, and capture the moment.  I love that these 3 let me capture them and all the love between them.

We had an extra little special part of this session when we dropped Miss E off with Grandma and let them have a few moments in the stairwell.  I know, you are thinking, really Bethany?  an apartment stairwell?  Yep.

You see, these two have a great story and much of their love was realized in an apartment stairwell.  

Amidst their bustle and the constant of life, they just wanted to remember what it was like to dance in the stairwell.  Real, raw, genuine joy.  That's what is important to remember.

Your smiles make me so happy guys.  You keep doing you and keep doing life.  Make memories and cling to those sweet moments spent in love in a stairwell.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Colorado Sessions: The W Family {AZ Family Photographer in Denver, CO}

I simply never get tired of photographing this amazing family.  Every year they come to me and their faces are so happy.  They are just a big happy family.  That joy is fun to photograph.

These boys of theirs are such fun.  Mr. O is so excited to be a big brother and little W is really content to do and be whatever he needs.  Not a worry in this kids body.

My dear friend Jenni is one of those Mom's you just really want to know.  She is real and genuine and will show up with baby spit on her dress and not miss a beat.  Jenni is a real woman trying to figure how to just be the best version of her as a wife, a mother and a blogger.  She's should get to know her.

W Family, I love you guys and am so very grateful that I get to see your smiling faces more than 1 time in a year.

Colorado Sessions: The B Family {AZ Family Photographer in Denver, CO}

I met this incredible bunch of people about 2 years ago.  They were neighbors of my parents back in CO and upon meeting them knew they were amazing.    Their world is full of adventure, joy and FUN.

Each one of these kids has an incredible personality and their excitement to show me everything was only trumped by their love of their animals.

Everything about this picture below is perfect.  It was candid and full of snuggles and love.  Family is truly a beautiful thing.

I had the unique and special privilege of being shown the "Fort."  It was a special place and one designed and built with a lot of love and friendship.  I remember building forts around that property.  Man, kids, you are gonna have some awesome memories.  

How I wish I knew what was whispered.......

B Family, I adore you, and am so grateful for the chance to capture you in your element.  Keep doing life and making messes.  Keep teaching those kids about loving animals and building forts.