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Friday, September 30, 2016

Colorado Glory: The P Family {Phoenix, AZ Photographer in Denver, CO}

I met this family very spontaneously last year and had such a great time taking their pictures.  Aren't they a good looking group?

All of these kids are great picture takers and I just love the dynamics.  The little lady there is the youngest and it was so much fun watching her engage with her 3 big brothers.  She is bold and not one to be left out of anything.

This little guy was sporting a spectacular neon cast.  He picked the color himself.  I smiles when he showed up with it on.  This right here folks is REAL LIFE with kids.  Sometimes you can pick all the right outfits and plan the perfect family pictures only to have a broken bone that decides to join the fun.  What I love about this family is that they embraced it and didn't cancel.  Taking family photos every year lets to have the memories.......all the memories!

Quiet, confident and watchful is how I would describe this young man.  He has such a kind and sensitive heart.  I will be excited to watch him grow and see where life takes him.

And this guy, cool, confident, daring, fun and bold.  The oldest of the group he had such a presence about him.  

Miss B here has got such a little personality and is so mighty.  Of course she is....she has 3 older brothers.  I had the hardest time getting a smile out of her, but I have my ways.......and I did get it.

Thank you guys for once again trusting me with your pictures.  I have a blast every time that I connect with you and look forward to many more times in the future.  Blessings on this year and the years to come!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Colorado Glory: The A Family {Phoenix, AZ Photographer in Denver, CO}

The mountains of Colorado are simply beautiful this time of year. The colors come alive and the Fall simply shines everywhere you look.  I booked this lovely family last minute before I left the Valley and I am so glad we could get our schedules to work out!

Miss A here is an unbelievably classy young woman.  She exudes and air of grace, dignity, and beauty.  She is an amazing woman.  I am excited to see where the Lord takes her.

Mr. J here is bold, confident and fun.  He was willing to do just about anything that I asked and had such a playful spirit about him.

This kid is the youngest of the bunch, but all boy and all fun.  I had a blast capturing him and stopping him in motion.

In case the family wasn't enough fun, we added these furry members to the mix.  Miss A is an avid dog trainer and this family LOVES raising and showing their dogs.  See these 5?  Well, they left 2 more at home.  They are quite literally outnumbered by big dogs.

But don't worry, this young woman is ASTOUNDING with them.  I have never seen such control exhibited.  I will admit that when 5 dogs showed up I was a little nervous about the chaos that might ensue.  These dogs know their stuff.  More importantly, they know their handler and she is good!

Daisy is the oldest of the bunch and moving closer and closer to that golden kennel in the sky.  It was a real pleasure to capture her.  I am hoping these memories last a lifetime.  Mr G. loves Daisy.  They are a pair.  Its special for a kid to have a friend in a dog.

I love how this family loves their animals.  Halo is Gloria's friend and they even pray together.  It's so special, you can see that special friendship even through an adult.  Dogs are special creatures.

A Family, THANK YOU for meeting me on the mountain for some pictures.  While we didn't have a lot of time, I am blessed that we were able to put this time of your life on record!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Colorado Glory: The P Family! {Phoenix, AZ Photographer in Denver, CO}

What a whirlwind trip I had to Colorado this past weekend, but how LOVELY it was to connect with so many friends, family members, new and old clients!  

I was simply delighted when this family booked me.  They have been eyeing my work for a while and we were finally able to connect and capture their adorable family on camera!

Both of these kids were perfect little picture takers.  I had a blast walking through Downtown Littleton and just letting my creativity strike when it chose.

P Family!  Thank you for coming out to play with me.  I had a blast with you guys and hope that these pictures make you smile for years to come!  And.....I hope to see you next year!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Love at The Little Fleet - {Wedding Photographer Phoenix, AZ}

Bob and I had such a wonderful time at our sister's wedding weekend awhile ago.  This wedding has been a year in the making and we had been anticipating it for as long.  What a great celebration.

I was so thrilled when I was not asked to be the wedding photographer (I really wanted to party), but was asked to photograph the rehearsal and dinner.  Everything about the days and night leading up to the wedding was filled with fun, laughter, lots of alcohol and excitement.

Once the wedding was rehearsed we all hopped on a trolley which took us down to the Traverse City Food Trucks, also known as The Little Fleet.  It was an absolutely fantastic location for a dinner.  It was completely laid back and all of us were able to pick our dinner choice. 

There is no doubt that the evening was perfect and that the party was officially in full swing.  Nikki and Chris's wedding weekend was perfect in absolutely every way!